Posted by Alfredo J. Martiz J. (Panama City, Panama) on 22 October 2009 in Miscellaneous.

Today is my mother's birthday, a warm hug and many kisses for you mom, I wish you to have a beautiful day full of love and happiness, =).

I didn't think of a better photo than one of an oldie, specially if it allows us to have a trip through the history of photography... isn't this beautiful? I remember those times when one of my aunts was shooting photos with polaroids and I was always running to get the print and shake it to see how it magically presented me the moment that had just been 'eternalized'.
My father has always enjoyed photography, he had a Pentax with different kind of lenses but I never got interested in trying. Once he gave me a film camera as a present, I used it during my first years of architecture studies, only for taking photos for my assignments and nothing more than that. My history with film was very short and I never got to process a photo in a dark room, so I have no idea how to do it or how does it feels.
Then I started shooting digital, I remember in the beginning I was so excited I was shooting photos of everything and didn't take the time to think, feel or make an effort... still I was lucky to make some nice photos during that time.
Back then I had no feeling at all towards photography, I was just shooting without care, but suddenly I started to develop a love and passion towards this beautiful field of art. I began researching, reading, learning, playing, experimenting, having fun and then I was hooked and got to appreciate it...

Well, this is a short version of my photography related past, now I invite you my dear visitor to write your story.

Going back to the subject of this photo, I've never had the chance to capture moments with a folding pocket camera like this one, I don't even now which model it is, but there it was, gorgeous and waiting for someone to see her.

Ganexa, Panama City. October 21st, 2009

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ISO 400
40 mm


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