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Posted by Alfredo J. Martiz J. (Panama City, Panama) on 15 October 2007 in Miscellaneous.

This photo was taken during a visit to a project of Teran y Asociados, a architecture studio in my country. During my time working in that studio I had the opportunity to be part of the design team of this residential interior project.
I remember when the project started, doing sketches and then preparing a 3d model to show the concept to the client, they liked it and construction began soon after. I had to visit this apartment many times during the construction in order to supervise.
I got really happy with the result, the space gave me a peaceful and warm feeling.
Months after I had to visit again in order to check some details and I decided to take the camera with me, it was so nice to see this beautiful arrangement and other lovely objects placed by the client, I could only smile and decided to take photos of some of the objects just to have a memory of them.
I never thought I was going to use this photo or show it to someone but today I decided to show it to all of you, I hope you like it!

Have a wonderful week! =)

Paitilla, Panama City. November 22nd, 2005

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Nikon D70
1/60 second
ISO 200
36 mm (35mm equiv.)


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