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Posted by Alfredo J. Martiz J. (Panama City, Panama) on 29 September 2007 in People & Portrait.

Dimitrios, a very kind member of Aminus3 asked other members of the community to post a photo of ourselves for yesterday and today. =)

By looking at this photo you will think that I am hiding and I don't want to show my face, please be sure that is not the case since I have already posted photos showing myself, =)
You will find the links to those photos at the end of this description, please check them out, Have a wonderful weekend!

Yesterday we traveled to the 80's, today we travel back to December, 2006. We went to Tokyo Disneyland that day, it was so cool, we had a great time and we remembered when we were kids and used to watch DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale, etc; I was so happy to see the characters again and it was so cool to see Buzz Lightyear, =)
As you can see we also played with the camera, we are grown children as you mentioned in yesterday comments, =)
To the left you can see my brother Pablo (Photo by me) and to the right you can see me (Photo by Pablo).

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Photo dedicated to my Parents and my brother Pablo

Tokyo Disneyland. December 30th, 2006

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