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Hanabi (花火-はなび) is the japanese word for Fireworks. During this time of the year many people gather in different places of Japan to spend time together and watch the beauty of the fireworks, this activity is also to celebrate the coming of summer.
This is a photo I shot one year ago in Yokohama, that day a group of friends and me went to spend time together around the city and to see the Hanabi. We didn't had a place to seat and believe me when I tell you that the city was really crowded; finally we were able to find a great spot, we had a lot of fun and it was the first time for me shooting fireworks, I believe I was lucky because of the company and the selected location.
Today there was Hanabi in the place where I live but I am posting this photo because of the great memories and because it is my favorite photo of fireworks and a lucky shot!
Another reason for posting photos of fireworks is because I feel really happy and there are many things to celebrate, for example:
-Marissa (my girlfriend) will present her thesis today, I wish her the best
-Fiorella (my sister) had her birthday yesterday, she is one year old now
-On monday I had my design presentation and I feel really positive about it
-Yesterday I was able to meet with my friends after a long time without being able to see them
-The weather is getting excellent
-Today I found out that Parallax was nominated 13 days ago for the Photoblog Awards, Thanks to Kheoh Yee Wei for nominating my photoblog and to those who have voted so far!!! =)

I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for your visits and comments!

Yokohama Hanabi. July 16th, 2006.

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Nikon D70s
5 seconds
ISO 200
27 mm (35mm equiv.)


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