Posted by Alfredo J. Martiz J. (Panama City, Panama) on 23 April 2007 in People & Portrait.

Spending some time in Ho Chi Minh City makes you think and reconsider about topics related to architecture, urban spaces, activity, people, life, and so on.
For example, the place where a barber works is called a barbershop, usually you expect this activity to happen inside a building, it could be in an old one or new one. The barbershop you see in this photo doesn't belong to any building, it takes the urban space as the main stage, it can be located in different places of the city; it depends on which sector has more demand or what the owner considers as the best place for the day.
In this city I saw many things happening outside, not inside, redefining what space is or can be, mixing with the urban space, giving the city a special and unique touch. Take your motorcycle and use it to transport your merchandise to a location, find the place you want and take advantage of it, transform the public space into 'your space' of activity and offer a service to others, when you are done pack everything and go to another place or return home; this is probably a daily pattern for many people in Ho Chi Minh City.
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