Unknown Hero (VI)

Posted by Alfredo J. Martiz J. (Panama City, Panama) on 13 April 2007 in People & Portrait.

It was a delight to see this woman working, she was like dancing, every movement she made was full of energy and harmony. Every action we do, every step we take in our lifes should be dynamic, balanced and should have a touch of harmony!

The following text is for people interested in participating in the next Am3 theme project. Read, and feel free to copy and paste this text on your own image page once you have the details...Information obtained from Damon Schreiber's Photoblog

"Ok, here's how the next theme's going to work. I want it to be open to anyone, but there's a catch: if you comment on my photos until the middle of April, I'll send you the details (Aminus3 members only naturally). Then once you have them, you can pass them along to anyone who comments on your photos. This way, we can play a fun game of whispers, and see what we come up with at the end. Of course, you can let me know if you're not interested."
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Nikon D70s
1/500 second
ISO 200
202 mm (35mm equiv.)


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